How We Work

Equilibrium engages schools, organizations, and communities in transformative educational projects that advance more sustainable ways of living. We create the spaces and provide the tools that strengthen the educational experience, believing that knowledge and information can allow for decisions that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Specifically, we support basic education with infrastructure and materials, and we strengthen and enhance that basic education with an innovative environmental education program, and a reading and libraries program.

How we do it

We work with schools that wish to improve their educational offering and that also want to be part of a more sustainable way of living. With the school director and parent board we identify infrastructure and material needs, often including a project on waste management, potable water provision, sewage management, or renewable electricity provision; we plan for the small library and reading program, and funding dependent, begin the yearly environmental education program.

Each school project is linked to a local business that wants to see an improvement in the educational environment of its local community. These businesses become our partners and help us fundraise some of the money we need for our projects. Other organizations provide in-kind support.

Our Partners

Pod Builders

Our work is possible thanks to these organizations. They help make our projects a success by investing directly in our operations. Thank you Pod Builders!!!


The organizations below support our ideas and are helping us turn them into realities.

Service Providers

These organizations make our everyday work a little easier.

You can support all of our work by donating to "Use my gift where it is needed the most". Get involved today, thank you!!

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