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This is an opportunity to make a difference. Our three programs are propelling meaningful change and with your support we can reach this years goals. Get involved, 12 schools and over 940 children will thank you.


Learning is Change

If a more sustainable world is what impassions you, this is the program to support! Learning is Change makes environmental stewards of children by getting them to fall in love with the natural world. Annually, our educators work with 4th and 5th graders for seven weeks, 3.5 hours per week. This is our third year working with 6 schools, and we are also beginning our teachers training program with 12 schools in order to empower teachers to carryout this fun work for themselves. Have a look at some of this great work.

Building for the future

Supporting basic infrastructure and material needs helps the schools we work with to go beyond basics. For 2017, we will build a brand new school for the Sabalo community, kindergarten bathrooms for Laguna de Tortuguero School, and…”drumroll”…turn La Independencia school into a solar powered school! Go here to see some of the work we’ve done in the past with infrastructure.

Books to Fly

If you know the value of reading, then this is where you can help us the most! Our goal for 2020 is to set-up 25 small libraries, each with a weeklong reading kickstart program. Since 2015 we’ve done six, and this year we’re planning for six more! Have a look at how this program works and help it fly! Books to Fly program.



Places we learn from

Click on the photos below to visit the sites where we go to learn more about our natural world, sustainability, biodiversity, climate change and more.

Thank you for supporting Equilibrium!

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